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Ticos Using Less Water

Costa Ricans are using less water. Water consumption from Costa Rica’s public water utility has decreased by an average of 1.9 cubic meters per month since 2004, a study by the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) found. Consumers across the board, from homes to businesses to government offices, have combined to cut consumption from 23.9 cubic meters of water per month in 2004 to 22 cubic meters in 2010.

Government offices recorded the largest drop, down from 248.2 cubic meters in 2004 to 199.4 this year. Homes cut consumption from 20.5 per month to 18.8 per month during the six year span.

ARESEP attributes the decrease in part to the ongoing recession and to adjustments of water taxes. Public campaigns to promote water savings have also contributed to the drop, ARESEP says.


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