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Friday, June 2, 2023

Kudos to Amb. Callahan For Taking a Stand

Dear Tico Times:

Regarding the article U.S. Ambassador Declared Non – Grata by Sandinista City Council (first published TT Online Newsflash, March 26; updated on page N3). Cheers to the U.S. Embassy and Callahan for telling these Sandinistas the truth straight to their ugly faces!


Silverio Cruz

San Francisco, California, USA


The Sandinista government s sense of entitlement is interesting. The mentality is like that of a poorly trained child.

They want what they want, and throw a fit if they don t get it.

Bill Wade

La Cruz, Costa Rica


Sandinistas, you like our money but not us? Everything comes with a price. You can either take no money and do what you like, or take the money and do what the USA wants.

Screw the Sandinistas. Good for Callahan to have the balls to tell it like it is.

Bob Segrest

Auburn, Alabama, USA



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