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Response to Crime in Granada Is Inadequate

Dear Nica Times:

I have lived in Granada for over five years and appreciate so many aspects of this beautiful historic city.

But now I am concerned about a serious issue that is marring our image as a safe, clean community to visit and to live.

Citizen security has taken a downward spiral because of burglars who break into homes and strong-arm robbers who continually threaten people on our streets.

My home has been invaded three times in one week, and many times before that.

I must honestly report that response and cooperation from our police department is less than adequate. In fact, it’s next to useless to even bother calling them, as either no one answers the telephone, or if someone does, no one responds to the call.

All citizens of our community count on them to maintain order, enforce the law and prevent these crimes in the first place. We have none of this from our police, and furthermore, no help when crimes do occur.

It was comforting to know that the Mayor’s Office is aware of our citizens’ concerns to the extent that it recently distributed an e-mail address to encourage

Granadinos to send information and questions regarding issues of safety.

But sadly, the Mayor’s Office has not even responded to the e-mails that I have sent.

We citizens of Granada are willing to all live here together to keep our city the safe and wonderful place that attracted us to live here in the first place. We want to keep a positive attitude about promoting Granada to visitors, but this is difficult to do in the abysmal atmosphere of daily crimes on the streets and in our homes.

We would like to be assured by our public servants that they care and are proactive in protecting citizens and tourists. To this end, we are open and willing to help to do this.

But first we need our leaders to take the lead and give us something to work with.

Lilly Filipow



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