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Another Costa Rican located, two still missing after Haiti’s quake

The Costa Rican Foreign Ministry received word on Monday that Eithel Rodolfo Sojo Ramírez, one of three Costa Ricans who had been reported missing in Haiti at the end of last week, is safe. Friends of Sojo told ministry officials that they had made contact with the Costa Rican and said he was aboard the Greek ship, Nicholas, at a pier near the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince.

The Costa Rican Ambassador to the Dominican Republic spoke with the Costa Rican rescue team that is helping with relief efforts in Haiti and requested that the squad embark on a special mission to the Greek vessel to take food and water to Sojo.

Jorge Antonio Mora Mejías and Javier Quesada Crocceri, who were believed to be in Haiti during the magnitude 7.0 earthquake, are still unaccounted for.

Mora´s family told the Foreign Ministry that he works on a ship in Haiti and “sporadically communicates with his family.” Mora´s sister said Mora was last seen along Haiti´s coast six months ago and went by the name Susu. She said Mora was a good friend of a group of Cuban doctors.

Quesada works for Animal Planet and lives in the Dominican Republic, according to data from the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry. Officials will attempt to contact Quesada´s family for more information.

Including Sojo, 18 Costa Rican´s have been located on the Caribbean island. Seven are under the care of the Costa Rican Embassy in the Dominican Republic and are awaiting a flight back to Costa Rica. Five have been removed from the country by their employers and organizations. Two remained in Haiti to help with humanitarian and relief work, while two have already returned to Costa Rica and one is believed to be en route to the Dominican Republic.


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