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Water shortage causes cutoffs in Alajuela districts

The El Pasito aqueduct, which supplies water to various communities in Alajuela, northwest of San José, is experiencing a 20 percent reduction in flow, resulting in disconnections in neighborhood water service.

The Costa Rican water and Sewer Institute (AyA) reported on Tuesday that homes and buildings in the following Alajuela localities will experience water service cuts effective immediately: Barrio San José, Calle Santa Lucía, Lotes Vargas, Monserrat, San Antonio de Tejar, Calle Toedulo, Santiago Oeste, and Calle La Cañada.

AyA will circulate a cistern truck through the town centers of these communities from which residents can fill buckets of water for their daily needs. The water agency did not specify how long the cutoffs will last.

The water officials said they are working to install new water well and pump systems in the area that will provide the extra water that the communities require. Thus far, officials have completed the site studies for the new system and determined that the well must be 160 meters deep.


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