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Friday, May 20, 2022

Newspaper Showing Anti-Ortega Bias

Dear Nica Times:

Your headline for the Nica Times of April 24 should have been “Ortega Fails to Impress Tim Rogers, Again.”

But that wouldn’t be news since Rogers is as biased against Ortega as is the U.S. State Department.

Also, was it simply crass ignorance or an overdependence on the U.S. Embassy that led your editorial writer in the same issue to suggest that Nicaragua put aside memories of U.S.-supported suffering and mass killing? This is like telling Jews to forget the Holocaust or Vietnamese to make goody with the U.S. and forget its 3.8 million war dead.

Nicaraguans may forgive the U.S. for their own peace of mind, but they should never forget the horrors unleashed upon them under the direction of Ronald Reagan and Oliver North, especially because their wartime enemy shows no remorse at all, only brazen arrogance. If U.S. President Barack Obama were truly interested in more than creating good images, he would have offered billions in wartime reparations.

Ron Bell

Atenas, Costa Rica


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