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New Prison Facilities in Bluefields

On Dec. 8, the British Embassy in conjunction with the Nicaraguan government officially opened new cells for juveniles and women in the Bluefields prison, on the southern Caribbean coast. According to Bruce Callow of the British Embassy, right, the conditions in the new cells are “similar to a budget youth hostel – they are bright, have proper ventilation and bathroom and shower facilities.”

British Ambassador Tom Kennedy, left, and Felix Balladares of the Canadian International Development Agency, center, attended the opening ceremony, along with local officials, including the new mayor-elect of Bluefields.

“I met with Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Samuel Santos and he was-very grateful,” Callow reported.

Next year, the British embassy will be doing a similar project in the prison Puerto Cabezas, the regional Caribbean capital city in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region.



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