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Clock is Ticking On Canadian Voters

Time is running out for the estimated 14,000 expatriate Canucks in Costa Rica who want to vote in this fall’s federal elections on Oct 14.

“The timeline to get the ballots here and back to Canada is quite short so we encourage people if they want to vote to quickly register,” Canada’s Ambassador to Costa Rica Neil Reeder said.

The elections were called by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Sept. 7 after he deemed the bickering between Liberal and Conservative factions of Parliament “dysfunctional.” This will be the country’s third national election in four years, and voters will be electing the 40th Canadian Parliament.

Citizens who have lived outside Canada for less than five years or who meet special employment criteria can register to vote on the Elections Canada Web site,, or at the Canadian Embassy. They can then mail, fax or e-mail their form to Elections Canada in order to receive a ballot by mail. Canadians should register before Sept. 26, then hand in their ballot no later than Oct. 7 at the Embassy, or mail the ballot back to Canada in time to reach there by Oct. 14.

–Elizabeth Goodwin



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