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Play Offers Laughs, Social Commentary

The comedy “Entre Nos” (“Between Us”) delivers an enjoyable evening of eavesdropping on an amusing conversation between two 40-something women.

At first glance, Laura, a single career woman in a sharp power suit, and Eugenia, a homemaker and married mother of two wearing a flowered mumu, couldn’t be more different. The play unfolds as the two women converge by chance on a park bench where they eventually realize that despite choosing radically different paths in life, they have more in common than they could have ever imagined.

Directed by Costa Rican Andrés Montero, the play explores themes in women’s lives, including relationships, family, work and sex after 40. Tica actors Eugenia Fuscaldo and Rosaura Barquero bring the contrasting characters to life with tenderness and humor. The two women’s chitchat, bickering and confessions lead them to question themselves and each other, ultimately pondering where their paths have taken them.

Written by Argentine playwright Santiago Serrano, the light comedy shares the triumphs and regrets of women whose contrasting personalities and life experience create humor in moments of both candid confidence and comical miscommunication.

Debating gender roles, life expectations and happiness, the underlying message is one of unlikely friendship based on shared sacrifice and struggle.

With some light sexual references, “Entre Nos” is suitable for ages 13 and older.

Because the play is in Spanish, the viewer should have at least a basic understanding of the language in order to follow the dialogue; however, because the play is relatively straightforward and short (about an hour with no intermission), it provides an excellent opportunity for Spanish learners to pick up idioms and vocabulary without becoming overwhelmed or exhausted by a longer, more complicated play.

‘Entre Nos’ at a Glance

Where: Sala San José Theater, Calle 13, between Avenidas 8 and 10, downtown San José.

When: Friday through Sunday, 8 p.m., through January 2009.

Tickets: ¢3,000 ($6), ¢2,500 ($5) for students and seniors.

Reservations: 2256-5752 or 8381-8379.



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