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CA, Mexico Rework ‘Plan Puebla Panama’

The governments of Central America, Mexico and Colombia concluded a summit in Mexico last week by deciding to reactivate the aging regional cooperation and development initiative called the Plan Puebla Panama, which was renamed the “Mesoamerica Project.”

The project will again look to collaborate on regional infrastructure, such as highways, electricity and information, as well as cooperation in health, agricultural production and social programs. Under the plan, Mexico announced that it would fund the construction of 50,000 new homes in Central America.

The summit also touched on the sensitive issue of biofuel production, which Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega came  out strongly against, saying that even talkingabout the issue in his country is practically a moral sin.”

During the closing statements, Salvadoran President Antonio Saca said that the countries participating in the newly  revived Mesoamerica Project will also work toward building a railroad line to connect all of Central America.



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