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British Embassy Helps Restore Historic Greytown

GREYTOWN – On June 21 British Ambassador Tom Kennedy helped with the installation of new signs marking historical sites of the old British ghost town of Greytown Nicaragua, now known officially as San Juan de Nicaragua.

Signs were installed at the British, Catholic and Masonic cemeteries, as well as other sites to replace existing signs which had deteriorated over the years. Funding for the new signs was provided by Nicaraguan businessman Carlos Pellas with the aim of generating interest in this isolated and beautiful corner of Nicaragua.

The-signs were designed-free of charge by Costa Rican graphic artist Pablo Contreras and all the transportation and accommodations-were-provided by the Rio Indio Lodge (

San Juan de Nicaragua has no road access to the rest of the country and is waiting for the construction of an airstrip, which would allow it to develop its tourist industry.

Bruce Callow is political affairs officer for the British Embassy.



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