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Vocal Cyst Continues To Keep Arias Quiet

The cyst on President Oscar Arias’ vocal chords will need more time to heal than doctors originally thought, according to Casa Presidencial spokeswoman Mishelle Mitchell.

After examining Arias May 21, doctors at the U.S. clinic Ear, Nose & Throat Associates in Philadephia told the president to rest his voice for four weeks. But Mitchell said Arias will need another two weeks to fully recover.

Arias is slowly taking on more responsibilities, Mitchell said. He attends the weekly Cabinet meeting, and last week he formally received the new U.S. ambassador to Costa Rica, Peter Cianchette.

For the past five weeks, Arias has delegated most of his duties to Vice President Laura Chinchilla and to his brother, Presidency Minister Rodrigo Arias.

–Gillian Gillers



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