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Crime is a Problem in San Juan del Sur, Too

Dear Nica Times:

I just finished reading the piece in The Tico Times on Malpais (“Malpais a Lawless,

Copless Place

,” TT, April 4).

It was shocking because that is exactly what is happening to us in San Juan del Sur.

It has gotten so bad that the U.S. Embassy had to come here to try and calm the people here down. The Nica Times reported on the meeting (NT,March 14).

Many of the people here feel that the police should and can do something about crime. They are wrong, as you clearly know from your experience, because the police do not have the money. And if someone can go and pick up the police officer and they get lucky enough to make an arrest, most likely when that person appears before a judge, some family member finds a way to call in a favor and the suspect is released.

I have lived here in San Juan for seven years and have grown more and more used to these crimes and the fact there is no way the local police can do anything.

I and a couple others here are working to put together a plan to help put $200,000 a year for four years into a program that will allow the police to have what they need to help.

But most people here feel that our police are to blame for these crimes, it would help me get the point across to them that this is what happens in Latin America.We are not alone and we need to work together as a group to help the police stop this before it is completely out of hand.

Once again, thank you for a great eyeopening story.

Ken Ross

San Juan del Sur



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