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Let Us Nicaraguans Worry about Ortega

Dear Nica Times:

Regarding Nica Times article “Sergio Ramírez: Ortega is Here to Stay” (NT, Feb. 15). This is the news that is spreading around about the Nicaraguan president. No offense, but I think we are people that think right!

My opinion is if he is here to stay, that is okay, as long as he does not become another Fidel Castro, because I hate Castro with a passion!

We have to take it into consideration that decades ago U.S. President Ronald Reagan was the one who supported the war against the Sandinistas. As a Nicaraguan, I don’t forgive that guy because he destroyed the economy in my country.

My parents lived through that; at their farm, the Contras planted mines and as a result killed a lot of innocent people – children and women – as well as stealing food, animals, etc., to feed their soldiers.

When Daniel Ortega visited the United States looking for help, the U.S. government turned its back to him. He tried it many times, and they didn’t receive him. He had no choice but to look for help elsewhere.

If Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton are smart, they will figure it out.

Another thing I would say is that Costa Rica should mind its own business and leave Nicaragua alone, because Nicaragua has its own people to take care of its business.

Stop spreading negative news about your neighbor.

María Elena Rodríguez

Des Moines, Iowa, USA



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