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Friday, June 2, 2023

C.R. Condemns Attacks

A few days after Costa Rica established diplomatic ties with the “State of Palestine,” President Oscar Arias’ administration has condemned Palestinian attacks against Israel.
The Foreign Ministry issued a statement criticizing the rocket attacks by “Palestinian militias from the Gaza Strip on territory in the south of Israel, which are aggravating the situation in the area.”
The number of rockets launched over the Gaza-Israel border has increased recently, causing serious injuries in residents including two Israeli brothers, ages 8 and 19, the BBC reported.
“The (Foreign) Ministry expressed its concern and condemnation of the launch of projectiles over the town of Sderot and neighboring areas, for its impact on innocent civilians and the risk of an increase of violence,” said a Foreign Ministry press release.
The violence, indeed, could escalate as the region’s residents brace themselves for possible Israeli retaliation.
Amos Oz, leader of Israel´s peace movement and a Nobel laureate in literature, warned against the Israeli army’s invasion of the Gaza Strip, saying it could prove catastrophic, according to the newswire Agence France-Presse.
Should it invade, Oz said, “Israel would expose itself to far more losses.” He continued, “Moreover, such an operation would change nothing, given that rocket fire was happening when we (Israel) controlled the Gaza Strip.” Oz called for a ceasefire with Hamas, which seized control of Gaza in June.
Israel‘s government has so far ruled out a ceasefire and in an interview with the Associated Press, Israeli Foreign Minister  Tzipi Livni said “There is no hope for peace… without real change on the ground.”
Arias’ government, however, is still hoping. The Foreign Ministry in its statement “reiterated its support for the efforts of all those aspiring to build a lasting peace in the region.
Last week U.N. representatives of the Palestinian National Authority and Costa Rica signed an agreement to open diplomatic relations between the two governments.

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