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Volz Judge: I’m Being Lynched for Just Ruling

Dear Nica Times:

I am Granada Appeals Magistrate F. Roberto Rodríguez, (who ruled on the Eric Volz case).

It would be pointless to explain everything that has been happening to me just for doing things correctly. Not only correctly, but in conformity with the law, with my conscience, and especially my heart, without anyone pressuring me in any way (not with money, threats or whatever).

I hope that you have been able to see this in my eyes.

The media, and even the Catholic Church, has lynched me morally, and, with their false information, are inciting the population to at least hurt me and, according to the latest information I have, now they want to put me in jail.

Yet despite all this, I maintain my position: My conscience has not allowed me to ever have an innocent person in jail, or to do so just to keep my job.

And I would never have been able to look directly into the eyes of my children, who by the way are very proud of me.

I write this because I think that I deserve that someone says something positive about me, because I knew everything that was going to happen to me and my family, and still I remained firm and followed my moral principles.

Roberto Rodríguez




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