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Ticos Have Paid $18 Million In Bribes This Year, Study Says

Ticos have shelled out $18 million in bribes to public institutions so far this year, according to a survey conducted by the University of Costa Rica (UCR) MathematicsSchool.

This is an increase over the $13.8 million Ticos paid last year, according to UCR. Of those surveyed, 79.5% classified the country as “corrupt or very corrupt.”

Most said they paid bribes to avoid traffic fines, receive treatment at state hospitals, go through Customs or obtain a driver’s license.

About 64% of those polled said that in five years corruption has increased, while 22.6% said it has stayed the same and 7.6% said it has decreased.

About 35% of those polled called the government of President Oscar Arias corrupt, down from 55% who spoke of corruption in previous presidencies.

Although most Costa Ricans said they don’t tolerate corruption, 67% said they’re Ok with photocopying books and 34% said they’d buy a pirated CD or cassette.

From June 2-10, the survey polled 1,000 people throughout the country ages 18 and over.



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