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Limón and Heredia Provinces Saturated by Heavy Rains

Parts of the Caribbean and Central Valley were hit with flooding this week, leaving behind damage and forcing some to abandon their homes for temporary shelters, according to a statement from the National Emergency Commission (CNE).

A cold front dumped intense rain over the Caribbean canton of Matina, where about 30 communities were flooded. The commission opened eight shelters for about 400 people in the canton; by Wednesday they had all headed home, said CNE spokesman Reinaldo Carballo.

The communities of Banasol, Agrodisa, La Luisa and Anabelle were left inaccessible after roads leading to them washed out. The commission had to deliver emergency supplies to these areas via helicopter and boat.

About 100 stretches of road were damaged, as well as 38 bridges, 50 sewer systems, four dikes and 75 sources of potable water.

The commission Monday headed out to survey damage and begin planning for reconstruction. So far, it estimates about ¢100 million ($193,800) will be needed for machinery and manpower to repair damage.

In the province of Heredia, north of San José, heavy rain caused rivers to overflow and clogged sewers Tuesday night in several cantons including San Isidro, San Rafael, Barva and Santo Domingo.

In Santo Domingo’s Barrio Fátima, about 60 people headed to a shelter established by the commission after the Río Bermúdez overflowed and flooded their homes.

The CNE maintains a yellow alert for the cantons of Matina and Talamanca, while the rest of the Caribbean and Northern Zone are under a green alert.



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