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Bus, Taxi Users Urged To Report Bad Service

Bus and taxi users frustrated by bad service can vent their problems to the Public Works and Transport Ministry (MOPT), which Monday announced a hotline established for the purpose.

By calling 800-TRANSITO, users can tell the ministry about poor service on buses or taxis including drivers being rude, overcharging or failing to comply with schedules. They can also complain about vehicles in bad condition. Concerns can also be submitted online by filling out a form on

The ministry plans to use these complaints to investigate companies and revoke concessions granted to those that consistently fail to comply with norms, according to a statement from MOPT.

Drivers’ actions that should be reported include stopping for long periods to hand over money to someone else from their company, smoking, listening to loud music or not stopping at established points.

Complaints should contain the place, day and time the incident occurred as well as a brief explanation of what happened and the phone number of the person placing the complaint. If the incident occurred on a bus, its number should be given as well as the route or name of the bus company.

For complaints about taxis, the license plate number should be listed.



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