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Veranillo May Have Come Early, Short

The so-called Veranillo de San Juanmay have come early this year.

Werner Stolz, Meteorologist at the National Meteorological Institute (IMN), said the two rainless days this week,Monday and Tuesday, may be an early, short Veranillo de San Juan.

The Veranillo de San Juan is a climactic phenomenon in which increased atmospheric pressure coming from the Caribbean coast causes increased wind speed, which in turn causes a few days with little or no rain in the middle of the rainy season, which runs from May through November. The Veranillo can last anywhere from two to five days, or more, and typically occurs on or around June 24, the day in which San Juan is celebrated, according to Stolz.

“But sometimes systems change,” he said, explaining the possible early arrival of the phenomenon.

A similar but longer break in the rainy season, a phenomenon called a canícula (or Indian Summer), usually takes place in July or August, in which there is little or no rain for a week or more, Stolz said.



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