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Nicaragua Will Suffer From U.S. Boycott

Dear Nica Times:

This letter is in regards to Eric Volz, the U.S. citizen who is currently serving a 30-year sentence for a crime that he obviously did not commit. The entire situation is unfair and his trial was not just.

How is it possible that all evidence in his favor was thrown out, yet the judge used the testimony of an alleged criminal who was saving himself from going to jail?

Unfortunately, due to the judge’s decision, I am afraid that Nicaragua will suffer economically.

Many U.S. citizens have decided to boycott Nicaragua, because we do not want to support a corrupt country. It is not the people’s fault; it is the government’s fault. I myself have visited Nicaragua for the past five years, but this year will be different.

Until justice is served, I will not be returning. Thousands of U.S. citizens will not be going to Nicaragua for vacation, thus Nicaragua will suffer.

There was a benefit here in my city for Eric, and thousands of people in attendance took an oath to boycott Nicaragua.

You see, Eric has thousands and thousands of U.S. supporters, and we will stop at nothing to see him set free.

The United States is following Eric’s story, and we support him 100%!

Amber Sanders

San Francisco, California, USA



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