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Russian Duma Expresses Interest in Nica Canal

MANAGUA – A delegation from eight lawmakers from Russia’s legislative Duma visited Managua last week and expressed interest in providing cooperation for the construction of an inter-oceanic canal across Nicaragua.

The first vice-president of the Duma, Dergie Barbúrin, spoke with President Daniel Ortega and expressed his country’s interest in the project.

“Our country is many kilometers away, but our hearts are very close and we want to know what we can do so that we are more by your side,” Barbúrin said during a conference with Ortega. He added that Russia is willing to do everything possible to develop economic and commercial relations with Nicaragua, including cooperation in the area of energy.

“We are even willing to cooperate in the construction of the canal project, with which Russia has much experience,” said Babúrin.

Ortega, meanwhile, said that the Nicaraguan people will never forget the cooperation and solidarity that the Soviet Union provided Nicaragua in the 1980s.

According to Ortega, that relationship represented “fair trade, which took into account the difference in the economies of both countries and which allowed Nicaragua, in difficult times of war, to accelerate in education, health, productive activities and national defense.”

Ortega is expected to visit Moscow in June.



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