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President Ortega Should Investigate Volz Case

Dear Nica Times:

This is an open letter to President Daniel Ortega:

I am a young U.S. citizen who has begun to explore Belize, Nicaragua, Florida and the mid-western United States as places in which to start a business or relocate. The only place I have left to personally visit is Nicaragua.

The more stable, fair and predictable Nicaragua is in its economy, freedom of the press, elections and administration of justice, the more ripe it is for foreigners like myself to invest.

I am not supported by a big bank or corporation, so I want to place my business and my savings in a stable country with justice for all rich or poor, local or foreign, Sandinista or Contra.

For these reasons, while I do not know Eric Volz personally, his recent conviction worries me and it should worry all Nicaraguans.

The Wall Street Journal recently published a story on Mr. Volz s case, and I am sure it is striking fear in the hearts of people who would otherwise bring business to Nicaragua.

I do not know the real facts anymore than all the people acting crazy outside the courtroom. So, I would humbly ask you to have your personal advisors investigate the facts and provide them to the Judicial Branch.

Next, I would ask that whatever your findings reveal, you publish them online and in print so that all will know why Mr. Volz was convicted, or why the appeals process should release him.

Due to the bizarre alleged facts of this case, and the shockingly wide discretion of the judge to exclude evidence from the jury, the families of both Doris Ivania Jiménez, Eric Volz, and all citizens of Nicaragua deserve your attention on this matter.

Thank you, and God bless you and all U.S. citizens and Nicaraguans alike, as we now suffer through this horrible tragedy and its consequences.

Noel Lawrence

San Francisco, California, USA



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