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Mark Twain Library Offers Superior Service

Dear Tico Times:

I read Leo Bradley’s letter regarding the Mark Twain Library operated by the Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center (CCCNR) in Barrio Dent (TT, Jan. 12).

To let your readers get a balanced picture of the services provided by the library, I must inform you that, as I was working on a wide-breadth project, I was a regular visitor to the library facilities from 2000 through 2002, and spent countless hours consulting their stock of encyclopedias and reference books. I can tell you that at no time was I poorly serviced or half-heartedly attended. Quite the opposite, I found the library staffed by competent and attentive persons.

In 2005, while I was doing some volunteer work teaching English at the GabrielaMistralJunior High School here in La Guácima, it occurred to me to consult with the library to see if they could give us a hand. I called Andrea Solís, head of the Student Services Unit, and asked her about it; she responded that yes, the organization does provide help through what they call “An English Day.” I then talked to the principal, Mr. Leslye Bojorjes, and everything was arranged.

They came Sept. 5, six staff members total, and worked enthusiastically all day. In total, the program involved 425 students divided into two groups, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. They delivered basic instructions, plays, books, toys and prizes of all kinds. The whole venture, including transportation of personnel, texts and sound equipment, was fully financed by the CulturalCenter.

I can assure you that our community benefited handsomely from their goodwill and valuable contributions, and we feel nothing but gratitude toward them.

Immo Ramírez-Bitschkus

La Guácima, Alajuela



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