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New Calendar Helps Kids in Need

Dear Nica Times:

You haven’t ordered your “Rhythm in the Barrios” 2007 calendar yet? If you haven’t, we still have some left….and they have your name on it!

“Rhythms” is the Building New Hope music program that travels to Granada’s barrios to awaken in children that latent seed that, with the right nudge, can blossom into that special joy of music. It’s also a preferable alternative to sniffing glue, doing cocaine, gang life. . . all prevalent pasttimes in barrio life.

Our program thrives under the able guidance of music director Raul Planas, an elementary school music teacher from Barcelona, Spain. But that was in his other life before the children of Barrio Miralago charmed him into making a strong commitment to them by showing off their potential for music.

He has been a volunteer for Building New Hope for more than two years and has helped our music program grow far beyond our dreams.

Add to this the flow of donated music equipment that has come our way – electric keyboards, guitars, percussion instruments, harmonicas, records, even an acoustic piano. Plus, our latest acquisitions: a flute and three trumpets!

The arrival of the trumpets coincides with the arrival of Tim Estherby from Manchester, England. Tim assists Raul by teaching trumpet and guitar.

To keep the music playing, Raul has created the “Ritmo En Los Barrios” 2007 calendar to help us purchase more instruments and allow us to add a professional music teacher for advanced students who want to pursue the study of music.

As you turn a page the first of each month, a smile from a Nica child with his or her instrument will bring harmony to your heart and a melody that invites your soul to dance. Granada residents and visitors can find them on sale at Maverick

Reading Lounge. Enjoy!

Donna Tabor




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