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7,000 Honduran Teachers To Receive Back Salaries

TEGUCIGALPA – The Honduran government said that beginning Oct. 27 it will pay salaries owed since February to some 7,000 public-school teachers.

Deputy Education Minister Marco Antonio Garay said at a press conference Oct. 18 that some $6.3 million will be earmarked for the payments.

Garay said the government communicated its decision to the leaders of the teachers’ union, which had planned a nationwide strike to express solidarity with those educators. As a result of the agreement, the teachers agreed to return to their classrooms Oct. 20.

“We hope that in the interests of the children of Honduras these problems do not reoccur,” Garay said.

The government made its decision after hundreds of public-school teachers marched Oct. 18 in the streets of Tegucigalpa to press their demands for the back pay.



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