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Police Burn Marijuana in Southern Caribbean

The Public Security Ministry recently burned 179,316 marijuana plants in the southern Caribbean area of Talamanca in an effort to control drug trafficking, according to a statement from the ministry.

Teams of police officers hiked through the region’s dense jungle to find the plants, cut and burn them, the statement said.

The mission was a clear showing of the ministry’s “attack on the drug trade being carried out in several points around the country,” said Public Security Minister Fernando Berrocal in a statement Sept. 7, adding that 130 drug-control operations are going on all over the country. Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) and Municipal Police are also involved in these initiatives.

These efforts stem from President Oscar Arias’ announcement upon assuming office May 8 that the country’s fight against drugs will adopt a “zero tolerance” policy, the statement said.

Additionally, two young people were arrested in Santa Ana, west of San José, and Heredia, north of San José, accused of possessing 10 kilograms of marijuana each.

Both have been ordered to six months preventive detention, the statement said.



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