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Inflation Reaches 7.22% So Far This Year

Inflation in Costa Rica grew to 7.22% between January and August, according to the National Statistics and Census Institute (INEC).

This marks a decrease compared to inflation accumulated during the same period last year, when it reached 9.58%, and compared to the same period in 2004, when it registered 8.68%.

Of the 292 items that make up Costa Rica’s canasta básica, or basic food basket, the price of 67% increased in August, 8% maintained the same price and 25% decreased in price.

The items that increased the most in price during the past month are gasoline (4.6%), tomatoes (19.9%), bread (4.7%) and dental services (3.4%), while the goods and services whose prices decreased the most are lodging (8.4%), chicken eggs (10%), tourism packages (2%) and children’s shoes (4.8%).

The Central Bank’s inflation goal for this year is 12%; last year inflation registered 14%.



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