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Egypt, Jordan to Renew Relations with Costa Rica

Foreign Minister Bruno Stagno said this week that he expects Egypt and Jordan will reestablish diplomatic relations with Costa Rica in the near future, following meetings with diplomats from the two nations in New York last week.

According to a statement from the Foreign Ministry, these renewals are part of what Stagno expects will be a gradual process of increased relations with other moderate Arab nations following Costa Rica’s decision Aug. 16 to move its embassy from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv in compliance with U.N. resolutions (TT, Aug. 18).

Costa Rica and El Salvador were the last countries in the world with embassies in Jerusalem, a territory contested by Israel and Palestine; El Salvador announced plans to withdraw its embassy last week (TT, Sept. 1).

“Because Egypt is the site of the Arab League, (relations with that country) will permit greater political and diplomatic closeness with the Arab and Islamic world in general, and will open trade exploration opportunities with those markets,” Stagno said.




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