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OIRSA Investigated In Fumigation Scandal

The Costa Rican government has announced it will rescind an agreement with the International Organization of Regional Agricultural Health (OIRSA) to provide fumigation services at the country’s border checkpoints.

The Production Ministry released a statement saying the agreement was cancelled because OIRSA – an agricultural health agency with operations throughout Central America and Mexico – was “using resources for purposes other than those outlined in the agreement.”

The move comes weeks after the daily La Nación reported that OIRSA was allegedly misdirecting funds and using water to “fumigate” cargo at border checkpoints.

La Nación also reported this week that the government has launched an investigation into checks that OIRSA was allegedly giving to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), now called the Production Ministry. The Legislative Assembly requested records of $4.5 million in checks from OIRSA between 2002 and 2005.

The Production Ministry said the government will take over the fumigation services for now.



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