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Costa Rica in Top 5 Safest Destinations for Women

Costa Rica was the third mention on a list of the safest destinations worldwide for women travelers compiled for the U.S. daily USA Today.

“Much of Latin America has a bad reputation as being unsafe for women, with tales of ‘forward’ men, pickpocketing, and harassment prevalent,” wrote Jessica Labrencis, a staff member of the travel Web site “However, Costa Rica has been increasingly popular with Americans, and it’s considered one of the safest Latin American destinations, particularly outside of San José, the capital.”

Among the anecdotes drawn from both the writer’s personal experience and that of Travelgirl Magazine Editor-In-Chief Stephanie Oswald was that of a lost wallet returned with all its cash and a small gift from the finder, and being given a ride outside of La Fortuna, a town at the foot of the popular tourist destination Volcano Arenal.

“In La Fortuna, as my friend and I descended a steep hill on a hot day, a man in a pick-up truck pulled over and offered us a ride,” Labrencis wrote. “In the U.S., I never would have accepted the ride, but I felt so safe in Costa Rica that I hopped in.

The man dropped us off a few blocks from our hotel with a wave.”

The article also warns travelers that, despite being labeled “safe” destinations, “there are risks everywhere you go… and it’s important not to let your guard down.”

The article listed Amsterdam and Ireland before Costa Rica, and India and Vietnam after.



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