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Mother’s Day to be Observed Aug. 21

Although some Tica mothers might expect presents on Mother’s Day Aug. 15, they might not receive them until later. A reform to the country’s Labor Code means the holiday will not be celebrated until Monday, the 21st.


All government offices, banks and many businesses will be closed Aug. 21.  The reform also affects celebration of the day of national war hero Juan Santamaría (April 11), the Annexation of the northwestern province of Guanacaste (July 25) and National Day of Cultures (Oct. 12).


According to the reform, if any of these holidays fall between Tuesday and Friday, they will be observed the following Monday.  The Libertarian Movement Party proposed this initiative, which took effect in May 2005, to promote national tourism through long weekends.


Promoting the observance of national holidays on Mondays is part of a 10-year National Development Plan for Sustainable Tourism launched in 2002 by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) (TT, April 15, 2005). Last year, with the exception of Oct. 12, these holidays fell on a Monday.


National Liberation Party (PLN) legislators, who oppose the reforms, plan to propose a bill to annul it, according to Johel Jiménez, PLN communications advisor at the Assembly.



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