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Columns Enlightened, Entertained

Tico Times columnists kept readers enlightened and entertained throughout the ’80s. June Carolyn Erlick wrote about life in Sandinista Nicaragua; Bert Williams became official TT historian in the “The Way it Was”; and Fernando Quirós wrote “Economic Analysis,” later taken over by María Elena Carvajal. In “La Macha,” Henrietta Boggs gave readers an exciting (and often, hilarious) look at her life as the first wife of legendary three-time President José (Pepe) Figueres, before, during and after the historic revolution he led in 1948.

Sharon Beinert and Lotti Tobler shared Costa Rican cooking secrets in “Now, Let’s Cook It”; Ed Bernhardt gave gardening tips in “Home Gardening in Costa Rica” and is still helping gardeners today; and Gypsy Cole kept everybody enthralled with her jungle adventures in ”Practically Paradise.” Jerry Ruhlow penned “Fishing in Costa Rica,” which after a hiatus was later rechristened “Free Spooling,” and remains a favorite; and Rod Hughes gave readers a taste of local restaurant fare in “Out on the Town.”



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