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A Great Decade for Columns, Features

The pages of the TT were enriched all decade long with a wealth of columns and features, some of which are still running. Perennial mainstays Mitzi Stark ( Report from the Campo ) and Jack O’Brien ( Someone Said ) made their debuts, along with Exploring Costa Rica and Central America Update. Mike Garrett started Insurance in Costa Rica , continued today by brother David. Susan Liang converted the TT’s annual Exploring Costa Rica guide into a user-friendly bestselling book. Oscar Chavarría’s incomparable poems were promoted from the Letters column, where they had appeared often, into The Poet Cornered . Shawn Larkin introduced readers to the incredible underwater world off Costa Rica’s coasts; Kate Galante started explaining language and culture in So to Speak . Fran Vaughan-Watson educated readers about nutrition, Harvey Haber shared his life as a B&B owner, Jim Corven offered consumer tips, the Via Holistica group wrote about alternative health, and comic strips both educated and entertained: Oscar Sierra’s Myths and Legends of Costa Rica , David Norman and Chris Montero’s Natura and Tropical Trivia , and Omar Valenzuela’s Tour Guide Show .


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