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Ah, don Abel: Words from a Highly Quotable Head of State

“Next Tuesday, we will begin the fourth and final year of this administration. Thank God.”

–President Abel Pacheco,

following a Cabinet

meeting in May.


“Let them keep pulling their hair out.”

-In January, regarding worried supporters

of the Central American Free-Trade

Agreement (CAFTA) who urged him to

submit the pact to the assembly.


 “(Without a new sewer project) we will soon be drinking water contaminated with crap, to be exact.”


-In February, on the Water and Sewer

Institute’s plans for



“They gave me every possible test. I think the only one I’m missing is the papanicolau (pap smear)… I’m a very good patient. All these years of marriage have made me very obedient.”


-Following a brief hospitalization

in February because of

chest pains.


“My position has not changed. It’s not that I’m for or against CAFTA… I’m in favor of a good free-trade agreement, and against a bad free-trade agreement.”


-Clarifying matters for reporters

in May.



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