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Convention to Explore Natural Health Care

THOSE in the medical field interested in learning about alternatives to traditional methods of healing will have an opportunity to receive extensive information on natural health practices at the first International Health and Wellness Convention, to be held Dec. 2-5 at Hotel Occidental La Condesa in Heredia, north of San José.The four-day conference will provide expert information on noninvasive technologies available for finding the root of diseases. Participants will learn about the Living Information Forms Energy (LIFE) system, which consists of computer hardware and software that sends impulses into the body to measure biofeedback. Medical practitioners can use this technology to detect stress in the body and correct energetic imbalances to increase overall health without invading the body or causing side effects.Medical practitioners who have experience with LIFE systems will teach those new to the technology by providing basic training in how to use the equipment and explaining benefits.IN addition to energy-balancing technology, a variety of natural health topics including homeopathy, natural cancer treatments, vegetarianism and mercury free dentistry will be discussed.Bio Spa Group, a Costa Rican company based out of Atenas, northwest of San José, is cosponsoring the conference.Taking a holistic approach, Bio Spa’s goal is to link health-conscious people with the most advanced alternative medicine and sustainable technologies.The company focuses on the connection between spiritual and physical wellbeing, and combines yoga, Zen meditation and organic nutrition with natural healing techniques such as physical detoxification.“We believe we are participating in a holistic paradigm shift that includes a higher level of self-responsibility, both individually and globally,” explained Bio Spa Vice-President Susan Canning. “We exist to help with this forward progression, and we hope to attract conscious, creative others who would like to help manifest the vision.”THE convention planners are offering specials that include admission and training, as well as accommodations and meals at Hotel Occidental La Condesa. A special rate is available for residents who do not require accommodation.For information on the convention, visit or learn more about Bio Spa Group, check out or email


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