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Study: Coffee Packed with Antioxidants

RESEARCHERS at the University ofScranton, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania,have concluded that coffee is the numberone source of antioxidants compared tofruits, vegetables, red wine, tea, milk andchocolate, which are normally promoted asgood sources of antioxidants.“Americans get more of their antioxidantsfrom coffee than any other dietarysource,” study leader Joe Vinson, a chemistryprofessor, told a meeting of the AmericanChemical Society, according to astatement.Both caffeinated and decaffeinatedcoffee have similar levels of antioxidants,which have been linked to protectionagainst heart disease and cancer.Dates have the highest antioxidantlevels, but are not consumed frequentlyenough to be considered a valuablesource, researchers concluded.After coffee, black tea is consideredthe most valuable source, the study concluded.Vinson reminded his audience ofchemists that fruits and vegetables remainthe best sources of vitamins, minerals andfiber, in terms of overall nutrition.

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