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How Not to Lose Your Shirt

THINKING of buying real estate in Costa Rica, but afraid of losing your shirt? Then read Scott Oliver’s “How to Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa.” This comprehensive English language guide to buying real estate in Costa Rica gives you lots of information about the challenges you will have to face.Whether you are thinking of moving to this country, already living here and contemplating purchasing your own property, or have neither in mind but are renting your abode, the book makes good reading and contains many helpful hints. It’s a mustread for people who have a serious interest in real-estate investments in the country.Oliver, a British citizen, has made his home in Costa Rica for more than five years. He has 20 years of experience in international wealth management and worked on Wall Street for almost 10 years. Author of “Costa Rica’s Guide to Making Money Offshore,” the best selling investment guide of its kind in Central America, Oliver is the founder of, an informative Web site that offers comprehensive real estate coverage, as well as practical facts and cultural tidbits about the country.The 14 chapters of Oliver’s latest book offer answers to questions, doubts, fears, whys and wherefores regarding how to proceed in what could be a major investment in your life. Clearly laid out and easy to read, the book provides information on finding the right location to suit your needs; starting a bed-and-breakfast; how to find a trustworthy real-estate broker; buying land; building your own house; and purchasing a ready-made home or condominium versus renting.Oliver deals with the purchase process, liens and encumbrances, problems with squatters and many other “bugs that can bite,” as he refers to them. He leads you through the maze of mind-boggling legalities and includes detailed facts and figures regarding financing, insurance and more. He personally hunted down a team of proven professionals in real estate, law and financing; if you need help from those with expertise who speak the language, you can find them on Oliver’s Web site.To aid you in your search, the book contains simple maps of Costa Rica and its different regions. An interesting collection of black-and-white photos includes shots of some interiors and exteriors of different types of properties.Appendix A, a glossary of Spanish-to- English terms, is extremely helpful. Appendix B covers classified-ad terminology in categories such as real estate for sale and rentals, with Spanish-to-English translations.Information on how to order the book online ($29.95) can be found on Oliver’s Web site. It can also be purchased at Librería Internacional outlets, LibroMax, most Auto Mercado supermarkets, some hotels and at the Café Britt airport bookstore.


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