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Athletes Demand Respect After Death of Cyclist

IN response to the death of a young cyclist Aug. 12, the National Sports and Recreation Council (ICODER) made a plea to the community to “respect and tolerate the practice of sports on public roads.”Cyclist Cristian Montero, 19, died in a head-on collision with a bus during the third stage of the XXV Youth Tour, on the road between Santa Ana and Puriscal, southwest of San José. The bus driver did not obey warnings to remain stationary while the racers passed, ICODER reported. Organizers called an early end to the competition following the tragedy.“Athletes need tolerance from drivers, not violence, disdain or intimidation,” Hernán Solano, vice-minister of youth, culture and sports and president of ICODER, said in a statement.“They need to feel safe when they compete on national highways… It is indispensable that the community value the practice of sports and support the athletes so they can develop their talents with the confidence that they are not putting their lives at risk,” he said.


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