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Friday, June 2, 2023

Gas Prices Increase by $0.08

SUPER gas has increased by ¢40 ($0.08) per liter, regular gas by ¢30 ($0.06) and diesel gas by ¢15 ($0.03), under an increase approved by the Public Service Regulatory Authority (ARESEP).The increase was scheduled to take effect today, following its publication in the official government newspaper La Gaceta.With the increase, super gas costs ¢434 ($0.90) per liter, regular gas ¢406 ($0.85) and diesel gas ¢297 ($0.62).The increase comes at the request of the National Oil Refinery in response to international oil prices. The request came with a barrel of oil was at $60.57. The price has since reached $65 a barrel.


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