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Veggie-Oil Bus Headed to Burning Man

ANGELITO, the school bus convertedto run on vegetable oil thatmade headlines early this year for carryinga group of environmentalistsfrom San Francisco, California, to thePunta Mona Center for SustainableLiving and Education (TT, Jan. 21), isgearing up for another voyage.The bus is scheduled to leave PuntaMona, on the southern Caribbean coast,Aug. 1 for the Black Rock Desert ofNevada, home to Burning Man, thearguably bizarre annual art festival andtemporary community “based on radicalself-expression and self-reliance,”as described on the festival’s Web site( Punta Mona center is seekinginterested people with bus-drivingexperience to participate in the journeyand share expenses. For information,call 352-4442, e-mail [email protected] or visit

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