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Accused Transvestite Alleges Persecution

A Costa Rican transvestite arrestedSaturday night for allegedly robbing aU.S. tourist in downtown San José claimsthe robbery was staged by enemies whodisagree with a court’s landmark decisionto award him custody of a 10-year-oldboy late last year.“There are people who have not forgottenthat ruling,” Luis Gerardo Mairenatold the daily La Nación.“We live in a country of law.Whoever is accusing me has to prove it.There are people against me who havebeen lying in court,” he said.Authorities arrested Mairena Saturdaynight for allegedly robbing a U.S. touristby the last name of Bombard.Bombard was robbed of a digitalcamera and ¢10,000 (approximately $20)in downtown San José, reportedly afterbefriending Mairena and sitting with himat a bar.Though police said they foundBombard’s camera inside a purse belongingto Mairena, the transvestite insisted,“somebody is trying to frame me.”Mairena was released Saturday afterhe provided a statement to police.


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