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Presidential Challenge Coming Up; Big Snook Taken

BEAUTIFULweather and lots oftarpon, both on theoutside and back inthe river, have keptanglers at BarraColorado, on thenorthern Caribbeancoast, happy thisweek.No changeshave been reportedon the Pacific, withthe northern coast still the hotspot. Actionoff Carrillo is reported steady, which isgood news with the first leg of the prestigiousPresidential Challenge WorldBillfish championship scheduled atGuanamar Resort May 2-4, as reportedlast week.Received an e-mail from Joe Sullivanand Phil Glasgow, a couple of hard-coreanglers from Tennessee who have beendown here several times. Sullivan fishedthe Wetass II with Sonny Kocsis atCarrillo and reported 26 sailfish releasesin three days.“Phil and I have been fishing and huntingtogether for 52 years and are in heartyagreement that Sonny is the most talentedcaptain we have ever known. His ability tofind fish and maneuver the Wetass II isuncanny, making it easy for two old men tobring fish to the boat…” Sullivan went onand on, but Kocsis’ ego is big enough, sowe’ll spare you the rest.Sullivan added something else visitingfishermen should keep in mind. He saidflight connections from Memphis toAtlanta, then straight to Liberia Airport,made an easy trip for them, leaving only ashort drive to the Hotel Sueños Tropical inCarrillo. He also had high praise for thehotel and the restaurant, which changedhands several months ago.A 25-pound snook earned UberneGonzález top honors in the Club Amateurde Pesca surf-fishing tournament at theParrita river mouth last week. He was fishingwith the Borbón-Shimano Team.González was trailed by Juan Castro(Borbón-Eagle Claw Team) with a 9.59-pounder for second, Rony Villalobos(Borbón-Rápala Team), 8.93 pounds inthird position, and José Arquedas (Ranas-Outdoor World Team) in fourth with a5.94-pound snook. All fishing was donefrom shore.The club’s next tournament is scheduledfor Lake Arenal on May 21. For moreinformation, contact Alex Arias Lake Arenal guide called lateMonday to report he nailed a monster 10-pound rainbow bass on a Big-O earlier inthe day, and that fishing was steady on thelake with water level holding and lots ofsmall fish being taken.For more info on fishing or assistance inplanning a trip to Costa Rica, contact Jerryat orvisit, operators and anglers areinvited to contact Jerry with fishing reportsby Sunday of each week. Call or fax 282-6743 within Costa Rica or write to the emailaddress above.


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