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Monday, May 16, 2022

Panama Intercepts Weapons Shipment

PANAMA CITY (EFE)– Police authorities and theProsecutors’ Office for DrugCrimes this week confiscateda shipment of assaultweapons and bullets comingfrom Central America enroute to Colombian rebels,according to governmentsources.The arms, including 42AK-47s, an M-16, an Uzi,five grenades, a Czech-madeassault riffle and 6,900rounds of ammunition, werediscovered hidden underboxes of plantains on a truckdriven by two Panamanianmen, a father and his son.The truck was stoppedand inspected in Arraiján,near the capital, Mondayafternoon, and the men werearrested.The weapons weredestroyed, along with another1,450 weapons fromPanama’s national arsenal,during a public ceremonyTuesday.

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