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Monday, May 16, 2022

Public Institutions Must Improve Internet Services

PUBLIC institutions throughout thecountry – from the National Power andLight Company (CNFL) to the Ministryof Public Works and Transport (MOPT)– have until June to come up with planson how to offer more of their servicesonline.Improvements are expected to includethings such as being able to pay billsonline.Under a directive issued by theCommission on Information andCommunication Technologies (CONATIC),officials from public institutions haveuntil June to come up with improvementplans and 18 months to implement them,according to the Ministry of Science andTechnology (MICIT).The directive came as a result of apoll of public institutions that found only38% of services or programs offered tothe public are offered online.The study also found that 74% ofpublic institutions have Web sites.

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