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Holiday Jingles

Carlos Mejía Godoy, famed Nicaraguan revolutionarysinger/songwriter, performs a Christmas concert inManagua’s Metropolitan Cathedral. Mejía, perhaps best known forhis song “Nicaragua, Nicaragüita,” is the father of U.S. Staff Sgt.Camilo Mejía, a Nica-Tico who made international headlines earlierthis year by refusing to return to Iraq with his Florida NationalGuard unit, after witnessing the horrors of war there during his firsttour of duty. The converted conscientious objector, 28, turned himselfover to U.S. military police in March, and was later found guiltyof desertion and sentenced to one year in a U.S. military prison(TT, March 18, May 28). His father, who has long been critical ofUncle Sam’s global vision, has publicly supported his son’s decisionto not fight, and blasted the U.S.-led war on Iraq.


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