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Superhero Film, “The Incredibles,” Opens Tonight

JUST like asuper hero, I toohave two alter egos:one the adult whodemands films withgood script and characterdevelopmentand the other theinner child whodemands a lot ofcool stuff and goodgags.Fortunately, “TheIncredibles” is a film that appeals to bothsides.Thefilmstarts in the heydayof the superheroes, when they areloved and praised. Then, through a seriesof ironic and all too true-to-life incidents,superheroes lose face and are forced to gointo hiding by dropping their superheroidentities and living life just like ordinarycitizens; the Incredibles are forced tobecome the Joneses.MR. Incredible goes from superheroto pencil pusher, Bob Parr, who is furtherdemoralized by the fact that hiswork is the complete opposite of hisformer superhero work. Rather than helpingpeople and being a hero, he works fora company more concerned with exploitingpeople than helping them. And justwhen things can’t seem to get any worsefor Bob Parr, they do; he loses his job andis faced with the problem of how to supporthis family.RIGHT when he’s at the end of hisrope, a golden opportunity presents itselfthat allows him to relive his oldglory days and feel worthwhileagain.Bob goes fromflabby pencil pusherto superheromode,andeverythingin hislife is betteragain – thatis, until thegolden opportunityturns sour and asinister plot unveils itself.ATTENTION is paid to all detailsin the movie; the script, character developmentand scenery are all wonderfullydone, and the characters are dynamic andlovable. Best of all is the villain’sisland lair – very stylish andreminiscent of earlyBond films. Thesequences thattake placethere arefilled withhumor andgreat fun.WHETHERyou’re an adult, childor a little of both, “TheIncredibles” is sure to please. Made bythe same people who brought us the wonderful“Finding Nemo,” this film is anouting for parents and kids alike.


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