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Honduran Congressman Punished for Spousal Abuse

TEGUCIGALPA (EFE) – AHonduran lawmaker has been sentencedto community service – including streetcleaning – in the capital city ofTegucigalpa, for allegedly abusing hisformer wife of 10 years.National Party legislator AbelardoDíaz reportedly was physically and verballyabusive to his ex-wife HortensiaFonseca, with whom he has two daughters,Fonseca told journalists.A court had ordered preventive measureson Aug. 31 in response to a complaintFonseca filed alleging longstandingabuse. Díaz was sentenced to communityservice last week after he failed to complywith the prevention program.The politician was sentenced to communityservice in Tegucigalpa on Nov.25,which is the International Day AgainstViolence Toward Women.Díaz’s former wife said she did notoffer further evidence of physical abusebecause the lawmaker would have beensent to jail.


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