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Limón’s Noni Fruit Treatment for Many Ailments

A UNIVERSALantidote mayexist for almostevery illness and itdoesn’t come inbubble wrap or achildproof bottle.It is noni, a tropicalfruit that growsabundantly inLimón, the Caribbeanprovince ofCosta Rica.Already toutedin the nationalpress as a natural wonder-drug, it has beenused traditionally on that coast as a kind ofcure-all of near superstitious proportions. Itis important to highlight the fact that there issignificant scientific research to back upmany claims made about the fruit.Noni is reliably reported to be a treatmentfor cancer, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes,gout, digestive disorders, infections,injuries, lung diseases, high cholesterol values,and drug and nicotine abuse.In one interesting case report, a womanwho had been comatose for three monthswas administered an extract of noni. Twohours later she sat up in bed and asked whereshe was.In another, a 55-year-old male with diabetesgained 35 pounds after going oninsulin therapy. He started noni treatmentsand lost 25 pounds over a six-week period.Also, his blood sugars have shown significantimprovement.CASE reports on cancer patients aboundas well. In one exemplary case, a breast cancerpatient in France refused surgery andwas placed on xeronine (an enzyme of Nonijuice) three times daily. She made a completerecovery.French researchers have confirmed noniis non-toxic and relieves pain.Most of the important research on thisfruit was done by Dr. Ralph Heineke, whoreceived his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from theUniversity of Minnesota and published someof his findings in the trade journal Bio/TechNews.Heineke believes the healing propertiesof noni are because of an alkaloid in the fruitthat the body converts to the alkaloid xeronine.It appears to effect cancer, lower bloodpressure, heal infections, relieve arthritis,lower blood sugar and relieve pain.TWENTY-FIVE years ago, Dr.Heineke isolated the enzyme xeronine frombromelain (found in noni). He discoveredthat xeronine is manufactured in small quantitiesin the human body and plays a criticalrole in the function of enzymes and proteinsin the body. Xeronine is depleted under anykind of stress.Lack of xeronine disrupts the body’sresistance to illness, infection, and chronicdegenerative diseases. The quantity of xeroninethe body produces naturally declineswith age and all forms of stress (illness,injury, surgery, difficult occupation, worryand anger). This may explain why highlystressed people are vulnerable to more illnessesand chronic degenerative illnesses.The happy-go-lucky maintain optimumxeronine levels and manage to avoid seriousillness. When a psychologist improves anindividual’s mental and emotional state, anydisease present may begin to improvebecause xeronine is no longer being stolenby the stressing incidents in the person’s life.Noni is believed to help avoid depletion ofxeronine that would ordinarily ensue from astressful life.Without proper xeronine levels, vitaminsdo not work and serious illness may result,including cancer, premature aging, viral illness,and immune system malfunction.When a protein or enzyme fails to functionproperly because of low xeronine levels,every cell, tissue, and organ needing thatprotein or enzyme may fail (heart disease,kidney disease, diabetes). Restoring correctxeronine levels may alleviate those diseases.Also, xeronine is by far the best treatmentfor reversing hard-core drug addiction,Heineke said.“By flooding the brain with xeronine, theproteins in the brain are changed,” he said.“Within a matter of days, brand new receptorsites are created due to xeronine’s workon proteins. Now you have normal receptorsites in the brain that respond to xeronineinstead of drugs.”Nicotine addiction can be cured in threedays by the same mechanism, he said.Throughout Central America, noni isknown as an effective therapy for impotence.NONI and Pain: Many people useDimethyl Sulfoxide (commonly known asDMSO) to relieve pain. DMSO is unable torelieve pain permanently because it is a simplesolvent. When DMSO is applied to theskin, it makes the skin release xeronine,which gets transported deeper to the painfularea where it affects cells, relieving the pain.DMSO often acts wonderfully the firsttime it is applied, but its effect often declinesthe second time and may not work at all onthe third application, because all the skinxeronine is gone. Time is needed to restoreskin xeronine.NONI and Malignancies: Japaneseresearchers determined that a compoundfound in Noni, named damnacanthal, wasthe most effective of 500 compounds testedon the treatment of several types of cancer.Dr. Alan Baklayan has recently used freecat’s claw (also known as samento, an alkaloidthat kills stealth organisms that areresponsible for at least 50% of chronic illnesses)and noni to successfully treat 20 cancerpatients with a variety of malignancies ina Munich, Germany clinic. Of the patients,70% improved in seven days. The remainingsix patients continued on cat’s claw andadded noni concentrate to the cat’s claw. Thesix patients improved after seven days. Thenoni concenrate create one ounce of odorfreefluid from eight liters of noni liquid.Baklayan will present his findings at a medicalconference in Brighton, England, Sept.8-9.Taking noni regularly keeps body xeroninelevels intact and strengthens defensesagainst chronic degenerative disease. Aswith many natural products, there are noknown side effects. I think noni might bebeneficial in patients with drug-resistenttuberculosis, osteomyelitis and HIV becauseof its beneficial results in infections.The dose of noni is one or two ouncesdaily, but may need to be increased to threeor four ounces daily for serious conditions.NONI is available in Costa Rica atferias, in health food stores and from myNatural Health Team at 800-416-2806.The fruit needs to be allowed to age sothat it becomes soft before being blendedinto a liquid. It has an unpleasant taste, butfortunately it is easy to mask the flavor withfruit juice.Be sure you do not buy noni juice in bottlesthat contain sugar or aspartame. Sugarinterferes with the normal killing activity ofwhite blood cells for eight hours. This meansthe killing of bacteria and tumor cells isimpaired for eight hours after each mealcontaining sugar (all processed food fromsupermarkets contains sugar).Dr. James A. Howenstine is a board certifiedspecialist in internal medicine for 34years. Several years of research into alternativemedicine led to the publication of hisbook “A Physicians Guide To NaturalHealth Therapies That Work.” This book ison sale for $17.95 at Brian’s Books inHeredia (308-7098), and phone 001-800-416-2806.Dr. Howenstine has samples of bothsamento and noni concentrate which he isdelighted to supply to cancer victims. Formore info, reach Dr. Howenstine or call 262-7504.


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