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Barceló Hotels Launch New Promotional Strategy

BARCELÓ, a Spain-based hotel andresort company with eight hotels inCosta Rica, last week announced its newpromotional strategy.The company plans to market itsholdings as three different categories:Barceló Premium, Barceló and BarcelóComfort. Most of the company’s morethan 90 hotels fall into the mid-level category,Barceló.After 15 years, Barceló decided toupdate the brand’s image because, asCorporate Marketing director José Brichsexplained, “Changes are inevitable in acompany that has been around for somany years.”Though Barceló Premium is moreupscale than the other two lines, Brichsmaintained that Barceló is not aiming tobecome a luxury brand.“We are not a luxury company. Wefocus on comfort. But comfort is a luxury,”he said.Regardless of price, the companypromises to focus on the importance oflocal culture, courtesy, cleanliness andenvironmentally friendly practices.In Costa Rica, the company offershotels in San José, at the beach and inthe mountains.


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